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    What Do Dogs Remember?

    Many dog owners can vividly recall the first time they met their future best friend. But do you know how much your dog remembers of you? How does your dog make memories and what kinds of things can he recall? Dogs remember things differently than humans. Human memories come in the form of vivid images. […] More

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    Five Basic Commands for Your Dog

    Dog obedience and training is a lifelong journey for your best buddy. It nips certain behavioral issues in the bud, prevents new ones from developing in the future, and keeps them – and everyone around them – safe. It’s also a great bonding activity between you and your puppy that helps them socialize with people […] More

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    Tips to help you Name Your Puppy

    Naming your pup is one of the many exciting parts of adding a new furry member to your family! But did you know some names will help you communicate better with your dog? Read on to learn some naming fundamentals! Yay! You made a connection with a cute furry little guy and are now the […] More

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