Tips to help you Name Your Puppy

Naming your pup is one of the many exciting parts of adding a new furry member to your family! But did you know some names will help you communicate better with your dog? Read on to learn some naming fundamentals!

Yay! You made a connection with a cute furry little guy and are now the proud parent of a brand new puppy. Now it’s time to give your dog a fitting name. Obviously, there are no laws controlling what you can or can’t name a dog, but we do have some advice that might help you not only pick a fun name that fits your buddy just right, but will also  make sure that your communications are clear and easy to understand.

Keep It Short

One or two syllable names are ideal. Keeping it short makes it easier for your dog to pick out his name from a phrase. If you really want to give your dog a longer name, consider using an abbreviation so you both can have your doggy treat, and eat it too. (Dr. Fluffybuns –> Fluffy)

Avoid Sounding Like Common Commands

Any names that sound like Sit, Stay, No, Down, or Come might confuse your new pup in the future when he’s trying to learn new commands. Ray and Joe are people names anyways. 😉

Hard Consonants and Long Vowels

…are easier for dogs to hear and identify. Names such as Frankie and Gizmo are good examples of this type of name.

Avoid Sounding Like Other Family Members

When dogs hear their names, they assume the next communication is going to be meant for them. If they are constantly getting confused when another person is being addressed, they’re going to stop responding to their name consistently.

Have Fun With It

Find a name that you are going to be happy with. If you want to be a bit adventurous, go for it! So long as you love your pup very much, and you take care to keep you communications clear, picking the right name is as easy as looking into your and your puppy’s hearts.

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